Lynn (alceria) wrote in hbo_junkies,


Hello, I just joined this community. I'm surprised it's not bigger. I moderate fisherandsons and carnivale_hbo, for Six Feet Under and Carnivàle, respectively. I just created the Carnivàle community tonight, so I'd have to have some more people join so we can get some discussion going. What are your feelings on this series so far? It hasn't quite grabbed me the way Six Feet Under did from the very beginning, but I think it's got a lot of potential and I like the direction they are going in.

Also how do you all feel about Sex and the City ending? Do you think it's time for it to end or do you wish it would continue?
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it can't end now!

Deleted comment

i could make you a layout. i actually have a layout community pleasure_line and i made the community carnivale. just reply with what type of layout you want and i can make it tonight!